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MySpanishTrainer 1.00


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Spanish Alphabet The first thing you will learn is the Spanish alphabet. The letters are almost identical to the English alphabet, yet the sounds aren't. MySpanishTrainer will help you drill through the alphabet so you will recognize all the characters in the order they appear in the dictionary and the sounds each makes. You will reinforce your learning by alternating between the visual and audible component of character recognition. Spanish Vocabulary Once you have learned your ABCs, you start learning very easy and common words. The words you learn in the early chapters are referred to as the "foundational words" because they are the bedrock of the language - the words that are used most frequently in the language. You will see these foundational words again and again as you increase the volume of your vocabulary. Spanish Sentences After learning a considerable vocabulary of words, you will then see them applied in different sentences. What sets our Spanish learning software apart is that every sentence you learn is entirely composed of words that you have already learned, either in the current chapter that you are studying or in previous chapters. Along the way, you can checkpoint your own progress by testing yourself on the content you have learned. Advanced Spanish Learning Reinforcement MySpanishTrainer uses reinforcement of your Spanish vocabulary at various levels. You learn foundational words in the beginning and harder words as you progress. The words are presented in the context of one or more sentences. The words are spelled and pronounced for you. The words are presented in alternating patterns to train your eyes and ears of seeing them first then hearing them, then in hearing them first then seeing them.

Systems: Win2000, Win98, Win7 x32, Win7 x64

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